Shopify 3PL Integration

Looking For A Shopify Fulfillment Partner?

If you’re choosing to outsource your website order fulfillment, you deserve a partner that’s capable of managing your supply chain within the Shopify structure you’ve set up. Thanks to our fulfillment technology, we can do just that.

Your company turned to Shopify because it’s a simple way to leverage online business. We want to make sure fulfilling your online orders is just as easy, which is why we offer Shopify 3PL integrationOur experienced team can connect to your Shopify account to Jay Group’s fulfillment technology so every order is processed and shipped with speed and efficiency.

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Our Shopify Fulfillment Services

Jay Group can connect directly to your Shopify-powered shopping cart through an API or supported apps for seamless integration across your supply chain. 

Once your Shopify is connected with our warehouse fulfillment technology, we can offer you:

  • Order retrieval
  • Synced inventory management
  • Shipping status & tracking updates
  • Coupon code & gift message retrieval
  • Real-time shipping rates from carriers
  • Address verification

Plus, our team of experts provide the crucial support you need when using Shopify to fill orders. They are here to help troubleshoot, so you have the help you need if you have custom requests or need help fixing a software bug hurting your Shopify.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

If you’re considering using or have already set up a Shopify account, you understand the importance of catering to your online customers. You’ve taken the first steps of selling them your product online, but the fulfillment process is just as important. 

Jay Group ensures your Shopify channel is synced up with the rest of your business, so there are no inventory management problems or delivery issues that frustrate your e-commerce customers. By using an experienced partner like Jay Group, you can rest assured that your Shopify will run smoothly from the moment an order is placed all the way through delivery.

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