Food Logistics Services

The Challenges of Shipping Food

There’s a lot at stake when it comes to storing and shipping consumable products. You need a trusted partner with the proper certifications, supply chain strategies, inventory control systems, and facilities to ensure your product is handled properly at all times. Otherwise, you can incur hefty expenses from mishandled inventory.

As an experienced food and beverage 3PL provider, Jay Group can offer you turnkey food shipping services that help you fulfill the demand for your products efficiently while meeting food and safety standards. Our goal is to help your company reduce its costs and time-to-market, so you can optimize your supply chain from end to end.

Climate-Controlled Shipping

Compliance is everything when it comes to handling your product, which is why Jay Group takes quality control services seriously. We closely monitor the temperature and humidity levels of our three facilities in Pennsylvania and Reno, Nevada

FDA Registered

As a registered fulfillment partner with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), we can legally handle and ship consumable items. When our team handles your product, you can be confident that we know how to handle, store, pack, ship, and track your sensitive products all in compliance with government regulations.

CGMP Compliant

Our team also operates accordingly with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP). CGMP requires food and other sensitive items are handled in warehouses that are clean, closely monitored, and free of pests. Enforced by the FDA, these regulations ensure that products meet high-quality standards and are safe for consumers.


Our Food Shipping Services

Our Food Handling Capabilities

It’s essential that your food is handled carefully for the safety of consumers and to maintain your brand’s good standing.

Sanitary Packing, Assembly, and Storage

Your consumable items require the highest level of sanitary handling. Our team performs quality critical inspections and package integrity testing. We will also facilitate special training if your product requires extra safety measures. 

We offer:

  • Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food training from the FDA
  • Utilization of gloves while handling product when necessary
  • Allergen training for the safety of consumers

Food Expiration Date Management

We can offer you last in, first-out (LIFO), first-in, first-out (FIFO), and first-expired, first-out (FEFO) inventory fulfillment strategies. We choose the best and safest option to help your business avoid wasting products with limited shelf life.

Our fulfillment technology also provides control over the stop ship date of your items to ensure adequate shelf life. That way your customers always receive an order that can be safely consumed before its expiration.

All-Inclusive Fulfillment Support

Through our fulfillment, contract packaging, and integrated support services, Jay Group can create a food shipping strategy that is both effective and cost-efficient. Want to learn more about how we can support your business with food logistics services? Reach out to us through our contact form below.

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