Retail Ready Packaging (RRP)

Making the transition from pack-out to delivery as smooth as possible can be a tricky one — that’s where retail-ready packaging (RRP) comes in. As part of our kitting and collation services, our automated cartoning capabilities increase efficiency, maintain the highest level of quality and production control, and lower project costs. 

What Is Retail Ready Packaging?

Custom retail-ready packaging, also known as shelf-ready packaging (SRP), refers to a box, tray, sleeve, bin, or other display that is designed to be transitioned from delivery to “shelf-ready” status without having to remove the individual products from the container. 

RRP Requirements

At Jay Group, we’re familiar with The Institute of Grocery Distribution’s created guidelines that outline retail-ready packaging should be:

  • Easy to identify. The product, brand name, and other easy-to-identify qualities should be evident on the package.

  • Easy to open. Retail packaging design should not require a store employee to use box cutters or scissors to open the box.

  • Easy to replenish. RRP design should allow for shelf-ready packaging for the manufacturer. Retail-ready packaging allows the store employee to easily restock multiple items in a single act with as little item interaction as necessary.

  • Easy to shop. The packaging shouldn’t just be easy for a store employee to use but should be obvious to the customer shopping as well.

  • Easy to remove or recycle. Once there are no more products inside, the packaging should clearly state whether the container should be thrown out, recycled, or returned.

Automated Cartoner Services

For increased efficiency in retail-ready packaging solutions, our fully automated cartoner produces up to 2100 cartons/hour. These speeds ensure clients save time and money while assuring the highest level of quality control.

Qualified Vision System

Balancing how to package your product appropriately while striving for increased packaging accuracy is a difficult component of retail-ready packaging. Without the proper systems in place, this amount of multi-tasking can make you feel like you’re missing out on doing either one well. At Jay Group, our retail packaging services include a qualified vision system that looks inside each and every package, ensuring the highest level of production control while maintaining a 99% accuracy rating.


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